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Sambhar is a traditional dish of South India prepared with pulses, tamarind and spices, usually consumed with white rice, idllies and dosa. There are loads of recipes of sambhar and even different sambhars are being prepared throughout India. Though following the same recipes many may not get the exact consistency and taste. The following tips will help to get real taste of sambhar:
1.    First of all, use the best toor dal. The main ingredient of the sambhar is dal. Wash it and soak it in water for some-time and then cook it along with vegetables in the pressure cooker.
2.    Then comes, Tamarind. Check the required amount of tamarind, more the tamarind, more the sourness in the sambhar. Soak the tamarind in hot water to extract juice. Don’t add too much water. The consistency of the juice will become thin. It should be medium.
3.    If you dry roast and grind spices. Be careful not to roast it too much. It will become bitter in taste. Golden brown colour is enough when roasted. If you are using readymade sambhar powder, check the measure.
4.    Then coming to seasoning, Pour oil in a pan, heat it, then put mustard seeds. Wait for the mustard seeds to splutter, other- wise it will taste bitter. Then add the other ingredients one by one and add it to the sambhar.
5.    Not to miss the curry-leaves, fresh coriander, a pinch of asafoetida and the required amount of salt.

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