Thursday, 5 December 2019


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Anniversaries are annual events which we celebrate with great joy. Greetings and wishes will pour in from our friends and relatives. We can celebrate those days in a special way by doing not the regular or usual activities done by everyone.  Plan according to each other’s preferences and enjoy the day. The following activities will give you a break from parties and hotels.

·         You do what you like to do. Don’t try to copy or imitate the way someone else has done.

·         Get creative and make time to work upon your hobby.

·         Visit an orphanage and distribute chocolates and sweets. Spend some time with children.

·         Plan a visit to a heritage site, if there is one in your city.

·         Attend a music concert or a talk show.

·         Use this day for any sporting activity which you both were planning from a long time.

·         Bake your own cake or cook something special

·         Try to spend the whole day together by simply shopping for your personal needs. Redeem the coupons/ gift vouchers.

·         Look into any financial matters which need attention. Open an RD, PPF a/c or insurance

·         Both of you recollect the best moments of your married life and promise to bring in more such memories. Plan the best for you and to your family.

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