Sunday 10 November 2019


 Ours was an individual house in the residential locality of a suburb in southern India. Trees in and around the house was a normal phenomenon in those days. Many a times these trees were the identity of our house. It was a proud moment for us when many appreciate our three beautiful and well grown trees. Neem in the front yard, coconut & mango in the back yard of the house  

NEEM: the big tree with strong roots, wide branches, long leaves and grand trunk  provides full time oxygen. The fragrance of the neem leaves is always surrounding our house. The shade of the tree in the hot afternoons was a shelter not only to our family members but also to many pass byers. The neem flowers were collected during summer, dried, and fried with some oil, salt and red chilli powder. This is consumed along with rice and ghee. The dried Neem flowers were also added to rasam while seasoning. The stick of the neem branch is used as tooth brush. The leaves were added to warm water and taken bath. During festivals and pooja times many took permission from us to pluck neem leaves. There are numerous benefits of this Tree. Its always good to have one such tree in the compound.

COCONUT: Who doesn’t know the loads of advantages of having a coconut tree in the house?  Its maintenance is a bit extra work, but the returns we reap are countless. Tender coconuts, coconuts, copra, coconut oil, broom sticks Etc. Above all, the pride we feel while sharing the coconuts with our neighbours is more than anything else. Even more happy, when they share the feed back saying “” the coconuts from your tree are very sweet.” This tall tree is a great feeder to many de hydrated thirsty fellows. Just pour a bucket of water in a day, it will give you many number of coconuts.

MANGO: This tree is a well- known summer super star. Raw mango or the ripen mango fruit the tree fulfills the hunger of many. In our neighbourhood many say that our tree bears soft, pulpy, sweet, &sour mangoes. When we share mangoes with our neighbours, they give the feed back in the form of pickles, dal, sambhar, all made with mangoes. Then with the fruity they share mango milkshakes, thandra (A sweet preparation with mangoes and sugar) and many sweet compliments too were passed on.

Really trees not only bind us with nature but also with humans. Plant trees and enjoy your life.

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