Monday, 11 November 2019


ICE CREAM is a frozen dessert which is served at the end of the meal, or with sweets. Plain ice or ice cream may be divided into three basic compositions:
FRENCH TYPE ICE CREAM: sugar and egg yolks beaten with hot milk or cream or half and half, sugared and flavoured, without allowing mixture to boil as boiling would curdle the yolks, and frozen
FRUIT ICE: fruit puree blended with the same quantity of syrup and a little lemon juice.
LIQUEUR ICE: cream or fruit ice flavoured with liqueur. American type ice cream is made of cream, milk or condensed milk, thickened with gelatine, sugared and flavoured and frozen in brine freezer; no eggs are used. Fruit ice prepared with red fruit puree is tastier and richer if a little raw cream is added when the ice is nearly frozen.

There many varieties of flavours that can be added to enhance the taste of the ice cream, Almond, coffee, hazelnut, pistachio, Etc. The rare ice cream flavour is tea. Try this one:
TEA: basic cream with a strong infusion of tea in the milk.

There are many different forms of ice creams like ICE GATEAU, ICE PUDDING, ICE PUNCH, and ICE SOUFFLE. These were prepared almost like ice cream along with sponge cake, ice mousse mixture, cream soufflé and Italian meringue.

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