Tuesday, 12 November 2019


When you   plan to make a lunch or dinner at a hotel or restaurant or in any eateries, the care towards kids and elders need more attention.

 *When you plan a program make sure to a get a confirmation or approval from elders, especially due to their health issues.

 *Do try to make arrangements to not make long walk or climb stairs, check the lift is operational before start.

 *Try to book the seats earlier itself if it is a busy hotel, where there is a demand for seat. So that elders won’t suffer or wait for a long time.

*Carry the medicines which they need to take before lunch or dinner. Carry own water bottles.  It’s good for kids too.

*Ask their preferences before ordering the items. Try to order in small portion or check portion size before placing the orders.

 *Do be aware of their allergies and check if any of those ingredients is added in the dish.

If there is a doubt, better avoid the dish.  Avoid serving them spicy or hot items.

* Try to choose or recommend soft or easily digestible items for elders or allow to them eat what they like. Never compel kids to taste, which they don’t like.

*Both kids and elders, they may not be able to complete the full portion, try to share or divide it between them. Avoid wastage of food. It also saves a lot of money.

*Sit in the place where there is ample light, kids and elders may feel disturbed in the dim lights. Try to carry shawls if needed, to feel comfortable in the a/c.

*Ask for finger bowls, if they want to use wash rooms, accompany them, never send them alone. Let it be kids or elders.

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