Monday, 22 July 2019


1.   Eat green and stay fit is the simplest way to promote our health as well as our earth.
2.    Try to reduce pollution  by adapting to eco- friendly means and breathe clean and fresh air 
3.    Plant more trees and they will help us to live healthy.
4.    Act Green by helping to reduce carbon footprints to some extent.
5.    Drive fuel efficient cars, otherwise walk or ride to your destination. Driving burns fuel which is bad for the environment as well as our body.
6.     Buy green products that consume less energy to perform.
7.   Known green, understand green, think green and take steps to adopt it completely.
8.   Live in a building that conserve resources and reduce negative impacts on the environment with regard to energy, water, building materials or land.
9.   Make it a practice to re-use and recycle  products
10.  Enjoy your life with green products and there will be no threat to the environment and our earth will be eco green. 
11. Conserve green by maintaining ecological balance of earth.
12. Harvest green energy like solar energy,hydro electric power and wind power

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