Friday 19 July 2019


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Eat to live or live to eat, food is a must, without which the existence itself gets difficult. There are many cuisines in and around the world.  We follow a particular cuisine and we are use to it .We love many dishes, like a few, especially prepared by our loved ones. Marriages, parties, functions and festivals are the gate ways for the whole-some meals. Apart from all these, sometimes a simple home cooked meal is delicious. One should enjoy all the six taste and should give a try with new cuisines also. Being a vegetarian our homes are always full of fruits and vegetables of the season. Our (South Indian) recipes revolve around vegetables, pulses and spices.

But one Sunday, when I was out due to a work, My husband prepared a meal for both of us. It was an APPLE SAMBHAR, cucumber raita, brinjal curry. When I got back home, I was not aware of this. I was thinking to prepare some white rice, tomato rasam and papad. But to my surprise, the afternoon meal was ready to eat. He use to cook very rarely, he has some idea that what goes well with what. The meal began with white rice and sambar, it was an apple in the place of a vegetable. I was bit hesitant to start with, but the taste of pulses, tamarind, spices and apple on the whole was something too much to define. That to alongside with cucumber raita and brinjal curry turned out to be an unforgettable meal. That was first day in my life that I had a fruit in a sambar……!  I asked him about the reason behind this preparation, he simply answered,” I thought to make it different.” Really it worked out very well. We tried the same APPLE SAMBAR on some other day, but it was not like the one on that day. That meal was my unforgettable meal prepared by my husband.

(Prepared for indi blogger’s indispire)


  1. Did you really like it or you just want to please your hubby?
    Jokes apart, the art of cooking seems to be like any other art where sometimes it becomes difficult to repeat the feat. Apple Sambhar seems to be a unique concept.

  2. Really cooking is an art and we need to appreciate those who do this special task for us.

  3. Experiment! Experiment! Experiment! You are bound to come up with something unique.

  4. Sure. One such experiment resulted in the unique APPLE SAMBHAR



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