Monday 29 July 2019


 Learning is a process which helps us to enhance and enrich ourselves to handle the ups and downs of life. Learning is a lifelong process and the one who makes it, learns to find ways    even in tough situations and wins many laurels.

From the younger age, we are tuned in such a way that age plays a bigger role in learning. Admissions in schools and colleges are provided basing on age along with few other prerequisites. In this scenario, we are tend to feel that age is a factor that determines learning ability, were as in reality, passion and desire are the chief requirements for learning.  Therefore age is just a number.

 Learning has no age limit, if we can put the required effort to fulfill our desire of learning something, then the process of learning becomes easy and the outcome of the result will be truly positive. May be in case of few professional courses there may an upper age limit, but with the rest, you are welcome to join and learn.

There are many people who start to learn to play an instrument, to read &write a foreign language, pursue higher education through open universities at a later part of their lives. They are successful and never took their age as a hindrance. So, never consider your age seriously and never miss a chance of learning. Read about SUE FINLEY, a living example who treats age as just a number. After a career break she managed to stay ahead by learning a particular computer language.  (

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  1. Well, this post left me thinking - "There is something more that must have been at the start and something more at the end and also something more in the middle." Hope you'll all these bits of something more soon. :)



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