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images of surprised children के लिए चित्र परिणाम

     Summer is a special time especially for children, as it is the vacation time so no school and no books, no home works and no tuitions.  So it’s their time to play.  Summer is also well known for hot weather conditions because of which children are not allowed to play outside.  If permitted also, only by the evenings.  They need to stay indoors to safe guard themselves from side effects of the heat. 
     Parents need to do lot of planning and home work to keep their children busy during vacations in an enjoyable environment.  Here are the few tips to manage children indoors without boring them.
1.    Wall of paintings:-  Provide children a chance to exhibit their drawings and paintings.  Allot them a wall and ask them to stick one or two of their works a day.  If they have separate rooms, they can decorate it in their own way.  Or else stick them in the walls of living room.  They can get the appreciation from your guests and relatives. One wall for one kid.  They can take selfies with this back-ground after filling the wall.
2.   Kitchen flavours:-  Engage them in your kitchen activities.  First, make them to learn to identify pulses and grains.  Then, spices and dry fruits and their nutritional values.  Ask them to observe how their favourite dish is made.  Permit them to wash vegetables and fruits in the salt water.  Add or delete certain ingredients if they wish to give a twist to the regular recipe.  Let them enjoy the flavours of the kitchen.
3.  Art & Craft:-  Start with paper boats, paper cups, you can teach them to make paper chairs and pianos with the help from the Google.  Ask them to create collages and scrap books.

                                 images of happy summer indoors के लिए चित्र परिणाम   

4.  Indoor games:-  Pallanguzhi In Tamil, is an old game which informs about sharing and divisions.  Introduce them to games that are played with pebbles and stones.  ( 

                                  image of pallankuzhi के लिए चित्र परिणाम =    pallanguzhi

5. New Items:-  Make them a part of a new item or activity like Rangoli either in the morning or evening, provide them a space in the hall or verandas along with some colours or rice-flours.  Now a days Rangoli trays or plates are available.  They need to just place the rice flour or colours on the plate or the tray and press it on the floor.  They can make the required designs.

           images of kolam acchu के लिए चित्र परिणाम   images of kolam acchu के लिए चित्र परिणाम

                  Another new item can be created by choosing a Carnatic or   
          Hindustani songs and ask them learn the lyrics and sing it in
          their loving tune.
         Another new item can be made by selecting a poem in your mother-tongue, and learn which will enable them to appreciate poem and poetry.  You can take up regional anthems also.
6. Family tree:-  Ask them to prepare the charts displaying their family tree.  Talk to them about their ancestors, their roots, and their natives.  Make them clear about their cousins, aunts, uncles and niece and nephews.  If possible make a trip to their ancestral homes.  Photographs are highly helpful for them to understand.
7.  Know them well:-  In the busy routines, we may not be able to talk in a more leisure way.  Use this vacation time to know your children well.  Try to make them speak their likes and dislikes, their opinions and views on various household and school matters, their ambitions and especially the positive changes which they want to have.  More importantly, discuss with them their difficulties, hesitations and any guilt.  
8. Money matters:-  You can use this time to educate them about money matters like how hard you earn, and the value of money, the need to tender exact change while buying tickets in the buses or trains.  Checking for M.R.P and getting bills for purchased goods can be taught to them.  Allow or send them to buy small items on their own.  So that they can deal the situation over the counter.

   These above mentioned tips can be practiced, as these will be helpful for children and that too these are away from their school works.  More customised list can be prepared basing on the child’s interest and his/her surroundings.


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