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INFINITE VISION                                                  Publishers:
By                                                                          Collins
 Pavithra K. Mehta                                             Business   
 Suchitra Shenoy

“How Aravind Became the World’s Greatest Business Case for Compassion”

Praise for “Infinite Vision” from the notable personalities of the world is printed in the book, which counts to more than 15.

The Authors dedicated this book to their Dr. Thatha.  Dr. V’s  Aravind is a one man’s dream supported by the entire family for the benefit of the human world, in order to eliminate “Needless Blindness”.

You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.   – Anonymous.

Dr.V adhered to the above quote.

The book is easily readable, with only five parts.  Introduction and prologue will make you concentrate and proceed further.

“Dr.V named The Aravind Eye Care System after the freedom fighter – turned mystic Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo’s progressive teachings and those of his collaborator, a woman widely known as the Mother (whose flower like symbol is wrought in Aravind’s gates and on the rings worn by the founding team), have deeply informed Dr.V’s own life and vision.  Aravind (pronounced UH-ruh-vind) is the South Indian variation of Aurobindo.  The name means “lotus”, a flower that, across many Eastern traditions, signifies spiritual consciousness.”
The above lines from the (Page. 27) - signifies Dr. V’s ideologies and reason behind the name “Aravind”.
In part II “AN EYE DOCTOR BY SHEER ACCIDENT’ reflects Dr.V’s birth, and about Rheumatoid Arthritis and cataract treatment and India’s first residential nutrition rehabilitation center in Madurai.

Pricing strategy of Aravind Eye Care System is highly impressive and enormous thinking and planning goes into making this successful.
The more we concentrate on the goal, the more it blossoms forth   and becomes precise.  - The Mother.
Aravind Eye Care System bloomed precisely according to The Mother’s words.
In chapter VI - The power of Creative Constraints covers all these transparently.  From this New Year (2017) their basic fee was made to Rs.100/- from Rs.50/-.  Their main aim lies in the affordability of villagers.

Why to read this?  Is the question many ask for.  It is not a novel or short-story but it is like a biography of Dr. V. or Aravind Eye Care System where both are synonymous with each other.  Infinite vision opens an arena of light on the beautifully executed plan of action.  Benefits of reading will enhance skills of planning and progress in your activities. 
If thy aim be great and thy means small, still act; for by action alone these can increase to thee.   - The Mother.
For these words of The Mother, Aravind Eye Care System is the true example.

Opening more and more branches is not their aim.  Moreover, they chose the place to build the hospital near villages rather than in the busy urban space.  In the near future, Aravind Eye Care System will be inaugurated in Chennai.

Infinite Vision will help many establish their business plans and getting to a definite shape.

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