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Presented by : Roma Gupta Sinha

Publisher : Notion press

Genre: Non fiction

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Emotions are very short-lived feelings that come from a known cause. They are displayed through sudden physical body language and facial expressions, such as by smiling when happy or crying when sad. Different types of emotions include: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and disgust.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), emotion is defined as “a complex reaction pattern, involving experiential, behavioral and physiological elements.” Emotions are how individuals deal with matters or situations they find personally significant.

Emotional experiences are relative – two people experiencing the same experiences will almost never have the same emotional response because the response is based on what we experienced before, and how we processed those events.

While the expressive component of emotion has been widely studied, it remains unclear whether or not men and women differ in other aspects of emotion. Most researchers agree that women are more emotionally expressive, but not that they experience more emotions than men do.

Emotions are powerful forces. They determine our outlook on life based on the events occurring around us. They allow us to empathize with other humans, perhaps to share in joy or in pain. Whichever emotion you feel on a given morning generally shapes how you feel throughout your entire day.

 Some emotions are positive. Think of happiness, joy, interest, excitement, gratitude, and love. These positive emotions feel good.

 Negative emotions — like sadness, anger, loneliness, jealousy, self-criticism, fear, or rejection — can be difficult, even painful at times.

This book throws light on the tough battle fought by women in their lives. These are real life experiences shared directly by the strong and brave warriors.  The book carries 31 soulful experiences of eminent Indian writers on how life taught them precious lessons in their emotional battles.

 All the stories are touching stories making the reader to experience feelings and emotions alongside the characters. The situation in the story might be different from the reader's everyday life, but the emotions evoked by the events are highly relatable to most people.

Women in every role she adores – daughter, sister, wife, mother, DIL, friend, counsellor, doctor, Teacher, she is emotionally involved and associated with the other person in the relationship. In these stories too, the women donning multiple roles have evolved over time and found ways to conquer their emotions.

This book bears a heavy responsibility of spreading the message of support and resilience for the women out there facing emotional hardships.

In the world of Literature, this book will peak with its voice and theme. As themes are the backbone of storytelling, providing depth and meaning that resonate with readers on a profound level. In literature, themes explore universal concepts, emotions, and ideas that connect us all as human beings.

 Generally anthologies are valuable for preserving cultural heritage, promoting literary diversity, and providing insight into different aspects of human experience.

Here the book BRAVE INKED EMOTIONS stand out and speaks volumes about the human experiences. Do grab a copy of the book and  you will surely gain a lot more strength and stamina to face the days ahead.

 (Received a copy of  the book as part of BRAVEINKED EMOTIONS blog tour in return of an honest review)

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  1. I am so glad to know that you liked "Brave Inked Emotions". As part of the anthology , I feel proud of it and feel happy for all the authors who shared their stories alongside me.
    I would like to pop the Million dollar Question here - which story touched you the most in this anthology "Brave Inked Emotions"

  2. I liked the way you have explained emotions, before going into the personal experiences in the book. That explains the concept so beautifully to the reader. It's great to read your thoughts on such a sensitive topic.

  3. The situations may be different but the emotions will be relatable. You have aptly captured the essence of the book dear. Thanks for your review. Hope more people feel they are not alone after reading this book!

  4. I am fascinated by your intro to the post on the research outcomes of emotions.

    So, men and women experience emotions similarly, but their emotional responses depend on what they experienced before and how they processed those events.

    So, is it possible to conclude that the emotional responses of people having different cultural experiences differ because what they experience and how they process them are different?

    Then, I doubt whether an open-minded woman can change the emotional responses of a man brought up in restricted ways?

  5. I heard about this book from the community and I agree with you that anthologies are so rich in presenting a diverse platter for the readers. Surely will add this one to my TBR.

  6. The exploration of how emotions are woven into the fabric of our daily lives, especially for women taking on various roles, is particularly compelling. It's clear that this anthology not only serves as a tribute to the resilience of women but also acts as a beacon of support for anyone navigating their own emotional landscapes.

  7. Outstanding review from You Anuradha, and it actually depicts how minutely you gave a read to this book. Loved the way to started the post with research data information and the way you carried the review. Emotions are powerful and all we need to do is to utilize in the right way.

  8. I know many lovely writers featured in this inspirational book. I really liked the way you introduced the book and described the emotions.

  9. I've read this one too and found it quite inspirational and helpful. I agree that stories are diverse and resonate at a profound level

  10. And I couldn't agree more about the power of literature to explore universal themes and connect us on a profound level. Anthologies like this one not only preserve cultural heritage but also provide valuable insight into the human experience, fostering empathy and understanding. i also loved this one

  11. This book was an achievement for many authors like me thanks to Roma. This will now serve to be a beacon of hope for many women.

  12. I loved being a part of this anthology, and you are right, reading the stories of everyone in this book was very interesting and inspiring for me.

  13. Glad to read your honest review, Anuradha. As one of the contributors, I'm glad to know that you liked the book and feel that the book will peak with its voice and theme.

  14. I appreciate the way you introduced about emotions. Though it is short lived but it has a lasting impact on each of us. Whether good or bad but it slightly rolls down our picture of life.

  15. I agree wholeheartedly that women often find themselves emotionally entangled in the various roles they play, from daughter to friend to professional, and beyond. The resilience showcased in these stories is not only inspiring but also serves as a beacon of hope for anyone facing their own emotional challenges.

  16. Loved the way you introduced the book, Anuradha. No two emotions and no two reactions to an experience are the same. We hope the book and the series builds into a resource for women and perhaps men too. Thank you for being a part of the blog tour and sharing your thoughts about the book.

  17. I absolutely love the author's effort to get these amazing stories out from these brave women, an attempt to show the world that seeing light is all possible after a dark phase.



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