Monday 30 January 2023



Today, the January 30th the death Anniversary of our Father of the Nation is observed as Martyr's day. This day is  also known as Shaheed Diwas, and  is observed every year  to pay homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the nation's independence.

On this day the nation celebrates Martyrs' Day by paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi's Samadhi at Raj Ghat in Delhi. The President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and the three Service Chiefs (Army, Air Force, And Navy) pay their respects to the father of the nation.

The significance of Shaheed Diwas lies in the fact that Mahatma Gandhi, who is known as the 'Father of the Nation', led major movements against British rule through a non-violent approach. His death anniversary is observed as Shaheed Diwas or Martyrs' Day, and his philosophy was based on the principles of non-violence, the fight for truth (satyagraha), and political and individual freedom (Swaraj)

 The sole purpose of celebrating Martyr’s Day is to pay tribute to the true sons of this country who sacrificed their lives for the country and to protect the sovereignty of the country, regardless of their lives. Salute to such heroes, salute to their devotion towards the country. Let us remember the martyrs of the country under the name of Happy Martyrs Day Wishes 2023.

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