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Beetroot is one of the best ways to increase hemoglobin levels. It is not only high in iron content, but also folic acid along with potassium and fibre. Drink beetroot juice every day to ensure a healthy blood count.” is a well known information and it is widely practiced too.

Beet root is used both in sweet and hot dishes. Halwa, salad, curry are all famous ones prepared using beetroot. The colour of the beetroot is the main attraction for many and because of the colour few disliked it too. This vegetable is available through out the year and the cost of it is also minimal.

Beets are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that have proven health benefits for everyone. Consuming beets appears to be especially beneficial for people living with diabetes. Beets can help lower the risk of complications that may arise from an unmanaged condition, including nerve damage and eye damage.

Doctors recommend consuming beetroot can be a safe and natural way to cleanse your liver of toxins when your hormones are imbalanced. Beetroot juice is high in the active ingredient betalains, which reactivate enzymes to remove excess estrogen and restore balance.

As per a lifestyle coach, one must include beetroots in their diet owing to its high fibre, low calorie and anti-inflammatory properties.  He stressed that raw juice can make for a good pre-workout drink.  Beetroots are a good source of nutrients, fiber, and many plant compounds. Including them in the diet helps improved heart health and enhanced exercise capacity, both of which are attributed to their inorganic nitrate content. 

Beets are sweet and especially delicious when mixed in salads .Easy to prepare, they can be eaten raw, boiled, or baked. Try this recipe of beet root , read here

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