Tuesday 24 January 2023



 Clean and cleaning are the works that enhance and add healthy and beauty touch to the house we live in.

The clean look obtained as a result of the process of cleaning aids to show case the décor of the house in a lively way without which any expensive art &décor is of no value.


There are loads of cleaning agents in the market specified for toilet, floor, kitchen, drain, and glass cleaners.

More to it Air fresheners, insecticides, mosquito repellents can be used in addition to the initial cleaning process for an overall clean experience.

Cleaning is a necessary work to be carried out on a regular basis for the standard advantage of good health and outlook of the place we live in. Here are the few pointers which will ease the process:


1.      Start with balconies and verandahs. Clean out downspouts and gutters.

2.      Check for handrails and grab bars

3.      Wipe down garbage containers regularly with detergent and bleach to prevent insect infestation.

4.      Use safe cleaning and pest control products; ensure they are kept away from little hands.

5.      Washing soda works wonders on grease and grime.

6.      If cleaning is not really your thing, outsource. Call in house -keeping  professionals who promise to leave your home spanking clean.

7.      Sign up for an annual pest control service to keep your home pest free

8.      Annual maintenance contracts for AC, water purifiers and other appliances ensure they stay in top working conditions.

Remember that good health begins at home. A little effort will ensure that your home will be clean &glossy and consequently you will stay healthy.

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