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Self - sufficient and self -sustainable will be the way of life for all those who possess a magical handy kit in the form of a book - LIVE SMART -100 HACKS FOR A HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER LIFE  by Teja Lele. After reading the book the readers will be happy to announce that the title is wisely justified and it is true that they are going to LIVE SMART after this momentous journey.

When every one becomes self sufficient and self sustainable automatically the over all self confidence will get a big boost, there by performance level will improve and less stress, there by leading to happy living and obviously healthy life. Lovely to imagine know. Its quite possible with this book .

Author Teja Lele  an editor for twenty years, she was been DIYing ever since she discovered the joy of making over and upcycling. The book of 245 pages is full of  solutions to day to day chores  to avoid chaos which every  household experiences at various situations.

With this statement, not to fix that its meant for house wives or for married ones, or for senior citizens  who are unable to rush out for assistance or for the ones who need to manage the house. But the book is for all who run errands and especially to ones who love to learn to fix things on their own.

 For the ones who long to hear or to wear The tag - " He/She manages everything in  a jiffy" - this book is a boon. One can enjoy absolute luxury of being on their own with this book. The book categorizes the DIY's in support of the activities carried out in five sections namely - Home, food and kitchen, Beauty,  Health and well being, Reuse and recycle.  

The Author suggests decluttering and organizing repeatedly , choosing quality over quantity, bringing in reusables, resisting frequent  upgrades and most importantly, not to follow trends mindlessly.  The author is successful  in highlighting  and encouraging the readers to adopt to the theme of  minimalist decor aesthetic. 

Every section opens with a quote, includes SMART TIPS& BONUS HACK   at needed junctures with 100 DIY's which are at the best of their functional utility.  The book inspires us to realise our potential self to carry out our responsibilities to restore the lost green environment.

Moreover stain removal guide,  expert cleaning tips,  the complete cleaning checklist,  the difference between best before and use by, kitchen conversions, money saving tips, simple desk exercises, '' grounding'', the 7Rs, are the necessary guide to have a smooth flow of the tasks handled by the individuals duly.

 The book is definite to inculcate an urge  in readers to rethink their step and action at every level. Here we can recollect the idiom ; LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. 

Just remember the way our grandparents  has led their life- Simple yet satisfying and stunning. How they charted a plan of action with what they had and created a pattern of life in accordance with nature. The hacks stated by the author in this book may sound similar to the one followed by your grandparents. All these are not new, these are time tested ones and stand as a testimony to their  values in connection with environment, health, money and food. This is the right time to connect to our own ancestors by following their foot steps for the betterment of the planet and our own self.

In this book the author has left few recommendations with regard to  books and blogs adapting to sustainable lifestyle.

Do grab a copy of this book and see how it turns you to become self -reliant.

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  1. I was looking for this book but missed to pick, but now I am sure that I want to buy it after reading your review. Thanks for the recommendation

  2. What a great pick Anuradha. Teja Lele Desai had to change twelve schools in as many years, and learnt about adaptability to her army brat upbringing. I've read many books on essentialism and minimalistic living. Adding this book to my TBR list, pretty sure it has nuggets that come from army experience. Thanks for the review!

  3. I myself share many hacks but this book sounds like a must-have. Thanks for sharing the review. I am surely going to grab a copy as I believe in sustainability, decluttering and a holistic lifestyle, not depending much on others.

  4. It would be interesting to read the book since I already share hacks on my channel.

  5. After reading your review, it appears that I need to purchase this as soon as possible... who doesn't want smart tips and a bonus hack?
    - Anjali

  6. This book sounds like a must read. The hacks are always useful in day to day life. I am quite interested in the range of topics it covers. Thank you for sharing a detailed review.

  7. I had seen the book at Blogchatter but did not have the bandwidth to pick it up for reviewing. After reading your review, I am surely going to get a copy. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. This looks like the ultimate guide for DIY hacks. Your review makes me want to pick up this book and try the hacks myself.

  9. I think i would love this as i do a lot of diy & upcycling myself. Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. 100 hacks at one place which is handy. Love the idea and after reading the post I want to have the book. Thank you for recommendatio.. It will save search time on google 😀

  11. The book is so superb and looks perfect for me... As usual I loved your review...

  12. Now this book is the kind of Christmas gift I'd love to receive! haha...Something not only epics my interest with Self-Care but very useful at the same time!-MommyWithAGoal

  13. This book looks absolutely superb. Will give a try



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