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 "Connecting readers with Authors" is the tag line for this year's #BLOGCHATTERWRITFEST - Season 6.This is a month long campaign organised by BlogChatter  where 11 authors will share their experiences with the readers.

Really it's a grand opportunity provided by the BlogChatter for the writing community. I registered myself as a participant for the exclusive session with "Preethi Shenoy" as she talks about "Writing engaging stories" on March 7th 7.00pm.

Preethi Shenoy is one of the India's popular authors.  Her works has been translated into many Indian languages. She is the highest selling women writer in India. She is also a motivational speaker, and has given talks in many premier educational institutions and corporate organisations like KPMG, ISRO, Infosys and Accenture and others.

In this session  she answered and interacted with participants in a  simply smooth way.. Takeaways from this exclusive author session

* Engaging stories are the ones that doesn't make the reader keep the book down. Author can hold the readers interest by Beginning with a hook and concluding the last sentence of the chapter with a curious point

*Starting point in a story can be anything like a general statement  or about the  protagonist. It usually depends on the story and what the author wants to establish. 

*Use of imagination and emotion are highly needed to make the readers feel

*Every word counts in a short story and related characters can be created with a clear idea of the characters in mind. The need to have the minutest details of the character is necessary.

*  The difference between Fiction writing and journalism is like the difference between imagination and truth

*Writer's block can be reversed with retracing the steps and reading from the beginning

*The concept of "Show Don't tell" is well explained by her

*She also suggested to go for  a creative writing course to learn more nuances of writing

*Conflict addition can be brought in with two  different wants of two characters

*Giving an end to the story is  good or should provide an option for sequel.

Finally on the eve of the International Women's day for the women writers out there, her words of wisdom are:

*Complete the book which you have started

*  Accept rejections and

* keep writing

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