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 The book THE VISUAL GUIDE TO EASY MEAL PREP is presented in a visually appealing way in five chapters. Prepping is the action or process of preparing something, or preparing for something. The author’s choice of the word PREP in the title of the book makes it crisp and clear.  By going through this book the reader will obviously consider cooking as an art as well as a happy exercise. ”Food is the most primitive form of comfort” – Sheila Graham. With this book in hand, comfort is not so far.

This is highly useful for those who love to plan and be prepared for the week ahead with their meals. The time for preparation of a meal depends on the dish we plan to prepare. This book guides the readers to choose the best quick and nutritious recipes. The recipes in the book are listed in separate categories like breakfast, snacks & sides, dressings, dips and sauces.

The Author Eric Romeo is a nutrition coach, expert meal planner and food prep specialist. She is better known as the ”Food prep princess.” Her meal preps have been featured on, health and in many sites. More about her at food prep This book is published by Quarto publishing group USA.

Author shares about her book in a different style by answering these question with more practical and simple answers.
“”what can you expect from meal prepping?””
“What is meal prep?”
“Why Meal prep?”
“Where to start?”
“How long does it take?”  
I quote from page -10 of the book “All you need are three ingredients; a proven routine, some patience, and an open and willing attitude. I bring the first ingredient; I need you to bring the other two!” The words of the author are so assuring and this will definitely bring an urge in the readers to gain the other two for a satisfying meal preparation.

Food shopping terms to know in page 15, added sugars –over 50 forms available in the market products, how to read nutrition facts labels and ingredients list, parts of the label in page 17 are the eye openers for many shoppers and this surely will lead them towards a guilt free eating and healthy living.

 This book can be handled even by a fresher in the field of cooking. The author initiates to take baby steps in getting containers, grocery shopping, cleaning and cutting, cooking, methods of portioning &packing. In each and every aspect of meal prep author cautiously stands by the reader and put forth the process in a convincing way.

 Difference between skillet and saute’ pan, advantage of using wooden spoons, glass Vs plastic containers, pros and cons of batch packing and individual meals, are extra information being shared for the wholesome benefit of the reader.

 The recipe in page 80- AVOCADO AIOLI is mouth -watering   and the author’s description add more to it.  I quote “ Creamy, healthy, and beautiful…Yes, Please!  Enjoy this deliciousness on sandwiches, wraps, potatoes or anything barbecued.” 

 In page 64 author shares her first learnt recipe of Spanish Rice, where ground beef is part of the original recipe but she used learner meats like ground chicken or turkey. Because “When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by our own taste.” – Laiko Bahrs.

 In page 42 the recipe of APPLE CINNAMON WAFFLES is given and the shell life of the product is 3 months when stored in freezer. It is a boon! Like -wise in page 70, a recipe SIMPLE AND HEALTHY TRAIL MIX, just mix all the ingredients and Eat, no need to cook!   One more boon! The author took to salad dressings in a vibrant style, basic, citrus and tangy salad dressings makes salads much tastier and lip smacking.
“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw. Enjoy cooking and love your food.

(PDF of the book provided by Net Galley for review)

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