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Ksheerena vardhate Aayuh Ghruthena vardhate buddhih  l
The above line states that drinking milk increases the longevity of the life and intake of Ghee (Ghrutham) enhances memory.
 According to mythology, there are about seven different types of oceans, one among them is milky ocean, when it was churned the divine cow (Kamadenu) emerged from it. She is the source for the race of the cows &bulls. That’s why cow is worshipped &offered puja’s. Because of its origin milk is considered as a sacred food. It is used as a offering to God & Abhishekam is performed with milk.  Curd, buttermilk, butter, ghee, khoa, & paneer are the by- products of milk. Ksheeram, Doodh, Paal, Paalu, are the various regional names of milk. It is indispensable from the lives of humans. It is super food that can be consumed even raw, hot or cold and is used in numerous ways to satiate one’s hunger. It is highly nutritious and is suitable for all age groups.  Milk gets into the list of super foods because of its nutrients with antioxidant properties. Many sweet preparations are prepared using milk as a main ingredient and it is almost favourite for all. Normally in a toned milk of 100gms
Carb-4.6 gms sucrose
Fat 3.0
Total energy-60 kcal

*Milk is a great source of calcium which is essential to maintain optimum bone health.  It has also potassium, iron, vitamin B &vitamin B12.
*Skimmed milk or low fat milk helps reduce weight.
* Milk is rich in whey protein that aids in building muscles.
* Heart burns can be treated with the intake of cold milk.
 Other than cow, buffalo, goat, sheep &camel produce milk. Buffalo’s milk is considered good for making curd. Goat’s milk &camel’s milk is also consumed in various parts of the world. Now a days many opt for almond or soy milk.
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BASUNDHI a popular dish though, time taking it’s easy to prepare. Take required amount of milk, place it on the stove, keep it stirring till it get condensed and reduce to half. Add sugar, cardamom,& pista. Serve hot or refrigerate after sometime to serve chill.
With milk comes synonymous AMUL. The establishment of dairy farms helps farmers to deposit their milk, which thereafter gets toned & supplied to many households far off from the villages. This helps to get toned milk in the cities. With the growth in the dairy industry, the large amount of waste of milk is curbed and also the use of milk powder is reduced. Amul’s advertisement to encourage drinking of milk is unforgettable…..
Doodh doodh doodh doodh
Doodh hai wonderful
Pee sakthe hai roz glass
Gharmee mein dalo doodh  mein Ice
Doodh ban gaya very nice
Piyo daily once or twice
Mil jayega tasty surprise

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