Tuesday, 10 January 2023


 Kodiakanal a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu is at 120 Kms from Madurai, 100kms from Dindigul, 64 kms from Palani and 165 kms from Coimbatore . As it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, one gets delighted when travelling to Kodiakanal.

 Silver falls is the first to see, that it sems to be falling from sky. The water from this falls is utilised ass drinking water for the people of Palani. Next is the  Kodai lake. The perennial stream attracts everyone. Boats are hired at low cost. The rowing boats, pedaling boats and decorated boats are available for hire.

Bryant lake is situated on the eastern side of Kodai lake. It is known for its flowers and hybrids. The horticulture show is held during May every year. Various rose plants and lion faced fancy flowers are also here.

Coaks walk is  a narrow path of one kilometer from the lake. It runs along a steep slope on the southern side of Kodai lake. It provides an excellent view of the plains. From the microscope functioning here, one can view Vaigai dam and Madurai.

The familiar pillar rock shines like gold in the evening sun light and attracts the tourists. Besides Guna cave, cap pulling rock, Moyar point, Mathikettan solai and fine forest are to be viewed. 

April, May and June months are appropriate seasons. October is the semi season and December is of drastic winter.

DO plan a trip to Kodiakanal and enjoy the nature's best crafts.

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