Tuesday, 20 December 2022



"Start with empathy, continue with utility, Improve with analysis. Optimize with love." suggests content strategist.

What companies do for their best in writing and publishing a blog post? Write, rewrite, edit and publish. Many companies regard the ability to create content as something of  a privilege because they put the needs of their audiences first.

It is a necessity to have a mind set that creates a breeding ground for great content. Inherent in that attitude is that you value your relationship with your audience , and that you put their needs first.

We all have easy access to a publishing platform and a potential audience. WE all have great power to influence , educate , entertain, and help- but also to annoy, irritate, and  ... sometimes .. fritter away our opportunity entirely.

So the challenge for companies is to respect their audiences and deliver what the audience needs in a way that's useful, enjoyable, and inspired.

 The challenge is to also keep it tight. That means it should have clarity, brevity, and utility.

With brevity-Take as long as you need to tell the story. Make it clear. Don't make the reader work hard to understand you. Develop pathological empathy for the reader. And finally, make it useful. Readers will read what you write only if something is in it for them often notes an expert producing different forms of content for a company.

Thus, blogging is a challenge not only for individuals but also for companies too.

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