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Dzongri in Sikkim is the home of the red panda, black Khaleej pheasant and the yellow -necked wood peckers, the fascinating mountain trail up to Dzongri is a trekker's delight in the season, the slopes are aflame with great varieties of Rhododendron. 

With rhododendron, the words of Ruskin Bond is worth remembering:

"Rhododendrons greet you

Come again

The trees are still the same"

Dzongri situated at an altitude of over 3962 m, it offers the most fascinating view of the Khangchendzonga massif. Sunny, crisp mountain air or swirling mists- it's magical up here anytime, Rhododendrons drench the glades. Just opposite is the Pandim Peak (6890 m) cloaked in thick snow. At Tsoka, before Dzongri, the villagers are prosperous and the fields well maintained, some of the villagers are said to have travelled to Switzerland to learn about high altitude farming. So now they've set up ginger, potato and cabbage farms- though the village may be short on power supply!

About 7Km way from Dzongri is the Khangchendzonga base camp established by Darjeeling's Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.

Dzongri trek is the ideal winter trek in India. If you are an adventurous trekker, then this the place for you to feel the adrenaline rush. 

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