Wednesday, 9 November 2022



 A  landing page is where visitors often end up after being enticed there by a specific, targeted campaign - an offer for something  desirable delivered via e mail, social media, or an ad. And often the  page places that compelling offer behind a lead capture form, with the idea of converting visitors into leads that can be followed up on.

A landing page should offer visitors a hyper focused experience that delivers them to  a specific page and gives them a clear path to follow.

Here is how you can put together the bones of an effective landling page - one that will convert your browsers into buyers or subscribers, or  at least further your relationship with them ;

*Match the message to the promise

* Deliver awesome

* Avoid TMI

* Keep your headline benefit -driven

* Subheads and copy. Be brief 

* Use second person plus active verbs

* Be blindingly obvious

* Show, don't tell

* Keep things simple

* Use trust indicators and social proof to reduce anxiety

* Test

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