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 Plantain tree is a popular and a well grown crop in south India. Mostly every house hold has a tree because of its unique features and utility level. This can be found in Kerala which is highly welcomed for its medicinal qualities of banana flower. 

Plantain tree 's parts are not wasted and each is allocated for a particular task.   Leaves, stem, fiber, flower,  both raw and ripened banana were used in cooking in different ways.. It found its place in the back yards of the house and in the hearts of the people. Read here in detail about the benefits of having a plantain tree. Now let's see about banana flower/blossoms :

Even though they come from the same tree and literally grow off a cluster of bananas, you won't find any fruity banana flavor here—it's a flower, after all. Similar to jackfruit or tofu, the flavor of banana blossoms is neutral, meaning they can take on the taste of however you season them. Many feel that theflavour is quite mild and more similar to artichokes.
Its enormous nutritional and health benefits creates a  potential to be regarded as a functional food or superfood due to its high nutrient content (excellent source of fibre, good source of protein, vitamin A,C and E, minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and antioxidants) and great therapeutic value .
Studies show that having banana flower on  a regular basis helps 
1. Prevents infections
2. Brings sugar level down
3. Treat anemia
4. Improve heart health
It is the demand of present time to increase the awareness about banana blossom and encourage to include it in the diet as it will not only reduce the banana waste but will also help people all over the world, reap its health benefits.
Start with this simple recipe and  get accustomed to its taste. Later feel free to include it in soups and  have fun trying out cutlets, curry and stews.
Do share it in the comments about any special recipe you have of banana flower. 

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