Thursday, 27 October 2022



Every piece of content needs to be edited to avoid common writing mistakes. Many often sacrifice clarity on the altar of sounding professional. The editors started to maintain a list of the more common transgressions. Here are the top 17 followed by their anti -wordiness, anti-fuzzy thinking, pro- brevity, pro-clarity equivalents:

1. Ways by which = ways

2. continues to be = Remains

3. In order to = To  (especially at the beginning of a sentence)

4.  There (are) will be times when = sometimes, At times

5. Despite the fact that = Although, Though

6. At which time = When

7. In spite of = Despite

8. When in comes to = In, when

9.  The majority of = Most

10. A number of = some, few, several, various 

11. When asked = Asked

12. Leverage (as verb) = Use (or out to use), Harness, Apply

13. The same level of  = As much

14. While (if not being used to mean during or at the same time as) = Although or Though, whereas

15. Moving forward = Later,  In the future, from now on, Hereafter

16. Centered  around = centered of

17. Try and (verb) = Try to (verb)

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