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                                                  6th BLOG ANNIVERSARY

YOU FOUND A MYSTERIOUS JEWELLERY BOX WHILE GARDENING is the prompt I choose to write today on the occasion of my blog’s 6th anniversary.

On this occasion what more can I wish for, rather than a nice and a satisfying blogging journey where I can learn and share that I know. In these six years a lot of learning was through the words of fellow bloggers and a community of blogger’s namely BLOGCHATTER whom I was able to connect only a year ago.

The mysterious jewellery box and its link with the Indian mythology was well known. It is a unique way of receiving a precious thing or a blessing. The jewellery box will be visible to only those for whom it is meant for. Like the King Janaka in the Ramayana and the Periyarazwar - the father of saint poet Goddess Andal - the composer of Thiruppavai.

These two extra ordinary women of those Yugas are onto earth through the mysterious jewellery boxes. They were of different ages but both are inspiring, courageous, talented, knowledgeable and women with par excellence in their period of time. One found in the Northern part of India and the other in the southern.  It bought wealth, progress and special recognition to the place and they become the pride of their Kingdom.

Sita the embodiment of patience, power, skill and strength where as Andal a treasure house of knowledge, love, devotion etc.,

With these two mysterious jewelley boxes delivering super power women, I was hesitant to open the one I found in my little garden one fine evening on the day of Monday which is being a Teacher’s day.  

Ours is a 100 year old house in a temple town in South India. There used to be a garden in our back yard, which became lesser and lesser in area with the progress of time as the house was expanded and constructed on the empty ground left in the back yard which was a made into a garden.

In the little garden there are few plants and two trees of one mango and the other being badam. In a corner of the garden, sometime a bulge used to happen there at times and we tried to dig into it and found nothing except some stones, mud and few rocks. We again filled it with the same particles and close it evenly and never looked that side until or unless we feel a raise in the mud or a bulge like thing.

Many of our relatives and neighbours insisted to have a thorough check in the day light someday as they had heard a news of someone in the other village found a jewel pouch in an alamarah in an old house which was sold to a rich business man. The business man started renovation work and at that time found a jewel pouch with few gold coins and ornaments in it , he immediately rushed to the ex -owner of the house to hand over the found pouch. But the seller with a clear mind told the business men to have it with himself as he found in his new house which is no longer his property.  

This incident in the next village brought a ray of hope to our family to excavate the portion in the garden in the hope of finding something precious in it.  All the workers were called and the process of digging started. The digging went on for hours and after few feet deep into the ground

A SOUND OF HITTING A HEAVY METAL was heard, then the vigorous digging was stopped in anticipation of breaking some thing valuable.

With an iron crow bar and a spade the workers slowly tried to take away the hill of sand, mud, clay and stones and bits of roots, tiny stems, seeds, saplings, insects and a deposit of water too. A cloud of dust was visible as if enveloping a huge object. The thrill and the suspense along with excitement rushed in the hearts of every one standing around the digging pit.

The workers standing inside the pit were able to feel the touch of a metal object, it can be a jar, a plate or a box the guess of the object hidden has raised many answers. It was a brass box finally found in the corner of the garden. It was of a minimum weight.

Everybody was happy to find a treasure and their expectation grew in length and breadth. It was bought inside the house. Dusted and cleaned and all were in a hurry to open it and see what is inside it.

It had a lock with rotating action like the one we screw in the electric boards. Rotating clock wise it opened and to a stunning audience it was full of palm leaves.

The disappointment brought in a heavy flow of sound OH, NO! in a uniformed shout. Then one fellow calmly suggested that ALL IS PART OF THE GAME and take these to a senior school teacher and take his guidance as to what to do with these and where to handover?

With his education the school teacher was able to find out that these were scripts which resemble like Nagari, Devanagri,  Ardha Magadhi, Brahmi, Grantha etc.,

These needs to be handed over to the MANUSCRIPTOLOGIST where they will find out that what is written in these and what for?

The next day a team of people from the village reached an office as directed by the school teacher. The authorities appreciated the team for bringing to notice such a valuable thing. The credit was bestowed on the school teacher who exactly guided them in the right direction which was possible because of his education and the profession.

Prerakas Soochakas chaiva Vachako Darsakas tatha l

Sikshako  Bodhakaschaiva shadethe Guravas smrutah ll

The Guru is one who inspires, informs, tells truth, guides, educates and helps in handling the situation.

After few days, the reports on the found palm leaves revealed that they were about blogging and the role of:

·          SEO

·        Alexa

·        Social media

·        Content creation

·        Blogging community

·         Organic Traffic

·        Target audience

·        Guest post

With these the bloggers are sure to be benefited and successful in their endeavours. Blogging actually started with Justin Hall, who began eleven years of personal blogging in 1994 while a student at Swarthmore College, is generally recognized as one of the earliest bloggers, as is Jerry Pournelle confirms Google.

Though it all started in 90’s, the palm leaves were written in an era when the computer is not all invented, let alone blogging.  Our ancient civilizations guided our ancestors to go ahead of their times and highly predicated the progress and innovations in the days to come.

The brass box found in the garden bought in the information on the new wave of Reading, writing and publishing.  The process of writing evolved with time though it started with

*Inscription on rocks 

* Copper plates

* Palm leaves

* Paper

* Electronic devices.

The mysterious jewellery box opened up new avenues and created hope about the technical advancements and the way to be successful in the blogging arena. The strict to follow rules in writing better blogpost as stated in the palm leaves are:

·        Keep headlines tight

·        Add blog bling

·        Time it well

·        Use bullets and numbered lists

·        Provide sharing and subscriber options

·        Keep short blogpost

·        Use an interesting approach

·        Show up

·        Build scale

·        Experiment


The suggestion from the palm leaves insisted to experiment, optimize and to have fun. Though many were quite disappointed with the palm leaves coming out of the jewellery box, it was such a valuable information for the writers of today.

To measure or value a thing basing on its worth depends on the one who weighs it. Though the mysterious jewellery box found while gardening may not carry any gems or precious stones that can be of any value in terms of money but it is more than a treasure house of information.

Never expected that the garden is going to guide through the process of writing and help to have a fruitful learning.  Life lessons and teaching can be from anywhere and the idea to receive and apply it matters a lot.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” says a Chinese proverb. So, never leave this treasure though you get or don’t get any other treasure from any mysterious jewellery box found while gardening.


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