Monday, 12 September 2022


Bark, roar, mew, growl, quack are the sounds made by different animals. Animals are generally identified with their sounds. Here comes a CROAK! Whose sound is this?

You all guessed it right. It's the sound of a frog. Frog is usually found in its home called Froggery or ranarium. What happens in a classroom ? Who jumps through the window?  All these and more are in the book.

 CROAK ! CROAK ! CROAK ! there comes a frog into  a classroom on a rainy day and the whole class started to shout "Look behind you Masterji, "There is a frog in the room.

The book CROAK  written by Kavitha Punniyamurthi and Illustrated by Ekta Bharti deals  about an incident in a classroom. How the students carry it differently and the style with which the teacher handles it is put forth in a practical way.

The author Kavitha punniyamurthi is an award winning children's writer. Her picture book WHEN BHOLU CAME BACK was awarded the SOUTH ASIA BOOK AWARD in 2017.

Ekta Bharthi is a freelance illustrator, animation film designer and comic book artist. She believes in inclusive education and sustainable development, ideas she tries to live by and promote through her work.

Simply enjoyable by children and the book is particularly meant for the age group of 3-8 years of children. The book enables the readers to narrate it like a story with  or without the book. Children will be happily surprised with the flow of the book.

The illustrations stays hand in hand with the story and are sure to make the children laugh off out loud. Children 's mannerism and activities in the classroom are finely covered in the story and as well as in the illustrations.

Children who  have  just started to read story books will also find it easy to read with the length and so as with the language also. Author brilliantly provides few new words along side the regular vocabulary which will make the children comfortable with the story and at the same time to familiarize themselves with the new words.

Encourage your child's reading habit and love for stories through books. This  book is apt with childlike qualities and imaginations that will make them read and to be part of the show.

The book is published by PRATHAM BOOKS and can be bought online here :

The book is available in almost all Indian languages and the readers can buy it from the site of the Pratham books.

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