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Name is the unique identity of an individual and many have more than one name as nick names, pet names and the writers have pen names. Today’s birthday boy/ Lord of Mathura has nearly thousands of names in his praise.  One of the fine names is Mukunda.

Upon this name a king in Kerala named Kulasekhara composed a poem in Sanskrit language titled “Mukundamala”- a garland of poetry. In this poem the poet praises the Lord as

1.     Giver of desired boons

2.     Compassionate God

3.     Lover of the devotees

4.     Efficient in destroying the continuity of moral birth

5.     Protector


In the 21st sloka the poet address the Lord with beautiful adjectives and requests the Lord to save him. Here I quote:

“Oh Lord! You are the protector of the cowherds, the ocean of compassion, You are the Lord of Mahalakshmi, daughter of milky ocean, You are the death God to Kamsa, You have showered your choicest compassion on Gajendra and saved him. Oh Madhava ! Oh Ramanuja! (Younger brother of Balarama) Oh preceptor of the three worlds, Oh lotus – eyed Lord of Gopikas. Please save me. I do not know anybody else.”


The Hymn composed by King Kulasekhara reminds us to:

Always chant the names of the Lord

Accept Lord as medicine.

Any ritual done without the thought of the Lord is futile

Take refuge in Lord’s feet and live happily

Nothing equals meditation


Like these there are countless messages in this poem. Moreover this sloka is sure to inculcate devotion, that’s why it is first taught to children in ancient days by Acharyas and Gurus.


Listen to this recitation of the sloka and seek the blessings of the Lord :


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