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Chocolates are the favourites of children and later it becomes everything to adult. All they love is of chocolate flavors. Ranging from cakes, ice creams and perfumes and what not. They become wholly chocolate.

 On the world chocolate day today,  Here are few lines about the chocolate and the chocolate factory : There used to be  a chocolate company near our home town named NUTRINE CONFECTIONENARIES. There chocolates are the yummy ones and are affordable too.

All the children in the near by area used to get on some days a few samples of it for free in the school. Other than that National days are looked forward for chocolates alone. Birthday's of friends, seniors, teachers are also be a happy occasion where the concerned class students will get a chocolate. Annual day or school day is  an another chance to receive chocolates apart from other snacks and drinks. Those who participate in the cultural events stand  a chance to take home  a packet of chocolates

In those days usually sweets are prepared at home on the festivals and other family occasion, chocolate is the only one thing that is usually allowed to consume prepared outside the home.

At one point of time those who collected  more number of chocolate wrappers within  a stipulated time  are rewarded with school bags, pencil boxes and notebooks. That too the particularly LACTO KING chocolate wrapper manufactured by NUTRINE. These are the fond memories associated with eating chocolates.

Coming to books, The Charlie and the chocolate factory  by Roald Dahl is an outstanding book dealing with children and the chocolate factory. 

These days there are umpteen number of choices with chocolates and children are having their best time by savouring them.

Do share in the comments your chocolate moments.

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