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Adi Kirthika is a religious festival celebrated today across south India with great fervour and gaiety. It is the day dedicated to the Lord Muruga the wielder of a spear (Sakthi-Astram) who has various names like Shanmuga, Subrahmanya, Skanda, Vadivela, Deva Senapathi, Karthikeya etc. The Lord is the younger brother of Lord Ganesh and the second son of Parvathi and Parameshawera.

The star Kirthika is considered as the star of Muruga and the day in which the star falls in the Tamil month of Aadi / Ashada is celebrated as Adi Kirtihika the birthday of Lord Muruga. On this day people throng in large number in the Saivite temples where there will be a separate sanctum for the Lord Muruga.

On this day special abhishekam and puja s are performed to the Lord . The Lord is brought out in Procession in and around the temple. In few places the Lord is Seated on  a Golden Chariot  and a grand procession will take place. It is a  blessed sight to see the Lord in a Chariot.

Vibhuthi is used to decorate Lord, along with sandal paste, flowers  and other ornaments and silk clothes. In the  bhog / prasad there are many variety of dishes are prepared in the temples like Panchamrutham, Puliyora, Chakkarai Pongal, Sundal etc.

The people from many part of India use to complete their prayers by offering the Kavadi . It is made out of teak wood in the shape of bow which is decorated with Peacock feathers and flowers. Peacock being the vehicle of Lord Muruga, it feathers are used in the pujas during the festival. 

In Tamil Nadu there are about  six important temples to worship Lord Muruga :

1. Tiruthani

2. Pazhani

3. Pazha mudhir cholai

4. Svami Malai

5. Thirupparan kundram

6. Thiru Chendhur

Have you visited any of the temples of Lord Muruga? Do share it in the comments.

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