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Hola summer is an e-book by Sindhu Vinod Narayan furnishing the best ways to care for the skin during the harsh summer weather conditions.  It caters to the needs of the skin care of the Indians.

The book is in a systematic flow with sections dealing with the summer skin care routine which is sure to bring or bestow a beautiful skin even in summer. Opening with common features of the summer season, the author takes the readers deep into the impact of it on the skin.

As we all know that skin is the largest organ in the body and it takes care of the whole body and other organs by being a covering or a shield from the external factors. It safeguards the whole body, when it does such a huge work, in turn chances of hurts due to wear and tear is natural. We need to protect it basing on our exposures and skin types.

Here is a pack of solution in the form of a book to skin problems and various skin related issues well drafted by the author. She is a freelance content writer and a social media influencer based in Chennai. She had a passion for writing even while working in the IT industry. So she quit her job to pursue her dream as 'That Madras Mom'. She enjoys taking care of her home and her two kids while writing about parenting, skincare, and fashion. She is one of the top ten voices of anchor Podcasters and an upcoming YouTuber.

The book deals with the internal as well as external factors effecting the skin. Starts with remedies to reduce the body heat, followed by face packs, Super foods for glowing skin and concludes with drinks that give glow during summer.

The list of summer detox drinks – CC, LS, AC are certainly the more the merrier. Next comes the easily available items like cucumber & Aloe Vera that works wonder during the tough times of the season. The book introduces the readers to the one more superfood chia seeds and the benefits of chia seed oil.

Details of four different face packs are given and they are easy to prepare at home. Glossy skin is possible in summer too when treated with the designed face packs from the book. All the face packs are with household and natural products and can be applied for all skin types.

The list of summer foods for glowing skin includes fruits, vegetables, seeds and dairy products. This creates variety there by consuming on a daily basis is made easy and breaks monotony too. Apart from the skin care these food are going to help the readers lead a healthy life.

Truly the book “Hola summer” will help to say Hola to clean, clear and glowing skin in summer also where all are usually worried of sweat, redness, rashes and skin irritations. The author’s idea to bring this skin care information in the form of an e-book will be whole heartedly welcomed by many suffering in the Indian summer. It’s more than an umbrella, scarf and a sunscreen.

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(This e book review is a part of Blog chatter's E Book Carnival 2022)

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