Monday, 2 May 2022


 The book " The Magic Mindset" by Preeti Shenoy insists  to focus on and  govern our approach, perspective and the mindset.  If the three aspects are perfect, then it will work wonders in the life. 

The book is divided into 4 parts , each part has a minimum of three chapters in it.  Each chapter has a wonderful quote and exercises, where ever necessary.

The author finely worked to bring out the best possible examples through TV shows, her fan mails, messages and from her personal life. She carefully crafted a measure to make our lives best by our own self.

In page 26 of this book, author puts forth the benefits of  being an optimistic which is the result of the MAYO CLINIC AND VERYWELL MIND, "THE STILLNESS PROJECT."

Through out the book, readers can  find simple yet stunning and interesting aspects of life. She urges to work on improvisations in every step. I quote "No matter our current fitness level, no matter what we earn right now and no matter how our relationships are at the moment, we can always bring more positivity into  these three aspects of our lives and improve them further,"

Talking about money, the author truly explains the importance and the role of money in our lives, its impact and  the three things to remember regarding money.  A  very useful and powerful pointers to realise when we worry much about money.

The chapter 8 - "Magic Mindset and awareness" is a real eye opener and many are surely going to benefit out of it. She with keen observation and experience recognised this issue and aptly included it in this book .

The whole book is wisely presented covering all the essential features which demands a magic mindset. Though the situations discussed in this book are similar to  those faced by many, but the path to take, the way to face, handle and move is certainly a novel approach which is highly helpful and reassuring the bright life ahead. 

Remember the words of Shakespeare : "For 'tis the mind that makes the body rich."


(Received a copy of the book from BlogChatter's WritFest program)

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