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The book "Mother of the Brontes" is a biography of Maria Branwell, mother of the most gifted literary siblings the world has ever known.  Sharon Wright has taken a giant step to present before the readers a literary piece that's worth reading. Author's real triumph lies in bringing out this master piece as a 200th Anniversary special. The book will be most interesting for those eager to read and make a career in Literature.

The book is divided into 9 chapters with foreword, epilogue, acknowledgement, appendix, bibliography and index. The title of the each chapter is quite befitting and it holds the essence of the whole chapter. Authors has painstakingly written the social, political, Economical as well as the literary scene of the times. Readers will be happy to note that Maria is the contemporary of Jane Austen.

The book carries the enjoyable descriptions of Penzance, Georgian Architecture, Bran well Empire, clotted cream to name a few.  I quote from page 9 " Unusually for the time, Methodists were keen to let women in on the act. Families such as Branwell educated their daughters as well as their sons." This point puts forth the initiations for women's education has started at that time itself. We all are grateful for Branwell's for giving us many literary figures.

For Charlotte and Emily   the music came from their grandfather, I Quote from page 24 "This talent may have included Music. Maria was "possessing more than the ordinary talents, which she inherited from her father...." while Mr Branwell, the father, according to his descendants account, was a man of musical talent.'' Lilian Oldham states that he played the violin in the parlour at home. This inheritance may explain Emily Bronte's ability as a pianist, playing with precision and brilliancy according to Ellen Nussey."

The book unfolds many incidences with the reminiscences of Ellen Nussey and Elizabeth Gaskell. The Author's narration also captures the impact of French Revolution, Britain's war, family scandal in the life of Maria Branwell.

In the Victorian times, the place of honour in the earliest period was given to Mrs. Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Bronte.   Likewise now Sharon Wright's Mother of the Brontes deserves a place of honour.

(Received the book in the form of PDF from Net Galley in return of an honest review)


  1. A brief review. I wish it were a little longer.

  2. NOTED sir. Here after I will try to write a bit longer reviews. Thank you.



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