Thursday 29 July 2021


 1. This Divya kshetram is located in the Kathiawar peninsula of Gujarat. Dwaraka is associated with the legends of Sri Krishna.

2. The main deity is Dwarakadeesan also known as Kalyana Narayanan and the Goddess Kalyana Nachiyar, Rukmini. The sacred water is Gomathi Nadhi also called Samudra sangamam and the (Vimanam) santum sanctorum is Hemakoota Vimanam.

3. Legend has it that Krishna built this city with the aid of Viswakarma. The Dwarakadeesh temple built by Sambha the grand son of Krishna, has five- storied tower and pilgrims enter through the swarga Dwara and exit through Moksha Dwara. 

4. Pilgrims take dip in the sea called sangamam, where the Gomati river merges the sea. Bet- Dwaraka is a small island, where Kuchela lived and also where Krishna is supposed to have killed the demon Sankhasura. There are shrines for Rukmini, Trivikrama, Devaki, Jambavati and Lakshmi Narayanan

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