Friday 21 May 2021



Essentially Iyengars is a book  written & published by Sudha Dwaraki.  ( First Edition :2004; Cover photo: Tanjore Painting by Ms. Madhuvanthi Mohan) This book is a guiding light for the posterity about the traditions & customs, rituals performed & practised in the south Indian household or families. Iyengars are sri vaishnavaites- the followers of sri vaishnavism.
The index of the book has two parts: part -1 carries general information of Iyengars & part-2 recipes (menu on the festivals & celebrations at home).The book has a special page for each reader, where the reader can fill up details of three generations- paternal and maternal ancestors. (family tree)

Essentially Iyengars holds in itself the Panchangam,- Hindu calendar, Explanations of SAPTHAPADI, DASAVATARA and many religious concepts. In page -88, the book  describes that how RAMAYANA can be taken for help at different stages of life. pictures of Acharya Ramanujar & Alwars  are colourfully added in between the pages.

The part 2 of the book is full of mouth watering dishes ranging from sweets, savouries, podi (powders), pickles & vadagam (chips).  The following image shows the wide description of the sugar syrup in different stages used in various sweet dishes



Readers are definitely thankful to Sudha Dwaraki for presenting all the needed information in a single book.

(Received a copy of the book in the PDF format as a forwarded message in what's app)

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