Thursday 1 October 2020



Stories are mixture of emotions

Ethics, thoughts, messages in verbal motion

Threads of ages, more mature in milestones

Grandparents’ modulations, mimics and memories

Originated as a medium of self-expression

Flourished as a wand of promotion

Reaching to urban and rural world

Conquering trust and quorum

Introduced as a taste of creativity

Bloomed into a ubiquitous flavour

Energizing kids, kith and kin with kittens and king

Boredom was kicked out with kinetic knock.

Supple of fables, graphics and animations

From dawn to dusk; elder to younger; it’s a companion.

(STORIES – the poem of mine is already published in my blog,

                      I used it again for this indispire) 

Every story has a moral and stories are the best way to convey moral.  As morals are very essential, they are imparted at every stage of life. For a child through fables, the tales for teenage, fiction & self-help for adults, and religious scriptures for elders.

I would like to share the story, “Miracle Fish by Teri Bayus” which I read recently also. The story is from the book A CUP OF COMFORT, Edited by Colleen Sell. (sorry I couldn't find the link for the story, that's why......)






(This blog post is prepared for indiblogger’s indispire)

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