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Rice is the staple food in India. There are many varieties of rice produced in India. The method of preparation varies with the rice.   Mostly boiled rice and par boiled rice are cooked in almost same procedures where as raw rice is cooked in a different way. sona masoori and Basamati rice are used in special occasions for preparing variety rice.
Not only sambhar, dal and curry needs to be prepared in a certain way but also the white rice requires few techniques to bring out the  best rice to eat. The rice is cooked in open vessel method, pressure cooker or rice cooker method and micro wave method. These three are regular methods of cooking rice. Every method is different from one another. Generally the following are the tips to cook rice in a pressure cooker:    
·       Which- ever rice you use, follow the cooking instructions given and use a container sufficient for the amount of rice being cooked otherwise rice will over flow and results in wastage.
·       Take out the required amount of rice and check for any dust and dirt or adulterated particles.
·       Wash and soak the rice as per instructed time.
·       Its’ better to pour water in the ratio of 1:2
·        In the pressure cooker, check the water inside the cooker. Wash and place the gasket in the lid of the cooker and place the weight after the stream comes out. Allow up to three whistles.
·        The function of burner in the stove is important for the easy and quick working of the pressure cooker.
·       Allow to cook in the same flame. Don’t slow the burner or try to open the cooker when it is cooking.
·       After switching of the stove, allow the stream to settle down. Take out the rice from the cooker after 15 minutes for best results.
·       Check the safety valve regularly to get best working of the cooker.
·       Change gasket, when they get loose or damaged.

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