Monday, 23 December 2019


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Ahead of the New Year, many were getting ready with their year planner. The following list will help you in your financial planning,

·         Check for any annual premium to be paid for vehicle, personal or property insurance
·         Make note of the annual maintenance to be paid to your apartment association.
·          Include about the 15 G form to be submitted in the banks.
·         If any insurance policies get completed this year, make sure to submit the document and collect the maturity amount.
·         Check for any Tax saver FD’s maturity and claim the amount by submitting the FD receipt.
·         Don’t forget to deposit the minimum amount annually in PPF a/c if any.
·         Fee to be paid for your children’s coaching classes  or art classes apart from school fee
·         Include the amount required for any family function or event in the near future

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