Tuesday, 19 November 2019


We work hard to earn a monthly income and spend it as per our requirements. In this earnings, we are suppose to save a little for our future. These days  the expenses are crossing the limits and exceeding above the income.  Necessities are also increasing and people are into taking extra loans. If we can focus on the monthly expenses, we can try to slowly curb those extra expenses. These are few tips which can help you to save more:

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities and spending for it is a must for our healthy living.

Comforts differ basing on the age and health issues. That too we can’t cut

Luxuries are the next point to be considered. It can be reduced to an extent if we plan to save more for the future.

 Few items like petrol bill, telephone bill and laundry bill are the ones I consider to minimize by working on it more closely.

·         Petrol bill: Check how many two wheeler and four wheeler are there in the house?   Don’t fill all vehicles full tank in the first day of the month. Take vehicles on rotation basis and try to share it with one another. Try to go for carpooling or use public transport for few days of the months.

·         Telephone bill: Many house hold have multiple phones like landline and mobiles. Try to find the real necessity of the number of phones. Check about their individual top up plans and see any plans can be changed to suit to your utility. You can actually save a lot by choosing a same operator to all your family.

·         Laundry bill: Laundry is a tough job to do on your own. With many well designed washing machines and steam irons in the market, this tough job can be done in a less messy way.  With a little planning on the weekends, washing, drying and ironing of the clothes for the next week can be done. This will save you a reasonable sum. It depends mainly on your free time.

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