Sunday 17 November 2019


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Our own house is very special to us. It’s a sweet home. After a lot of financial struggles we buy and settle in a house. Maintaining that house in the best possible way is a challenging task. With little extra effort we can upkeep that true beauty of the house.
Here are they:

Do dusting, mopping, cleaning and de clutter at least once in a while.

Check for any repairs and patch work, complete these in a suitable weather.

 Once in two years take up white wash and painting work in summer

Choose the colour of your choice and if needed take professional help.

Don’t keep too many wall clocks and calendars at home.

Set aside a room/ space for pooja or worship. Place all the related items at this place itself, so that it is easy to handle at that time of worship.

While cleaning, check all the show pieces for cracks or damage, if any damage exists, discard the piece.

Check wall hangings, chandeliers and other interior lightings with care and do required servicing.

If your budget fits in replace old cutlery and crockery with new ones

Never copy or imitate the style of interiors from others, Give your own special touch.

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