Monday, 19 February 2018


                                       image of bathroom with taps, switches & plugs के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Newly built house or the old one, when fixing or replacing fittings like taps or other bathroom accessories, high caution is required. It’s the place where both water &electricity are close to each other.

 Taps with normal features or the ones with more look &style of international brands, all need a service time, whenever it demands or at regular intervals, depending on the usage.  The most common problem with the taps is leaking. Leaking taps leads to water wastage, so, to avoid this take up the work as soon as you notice the problem. This is usually termed as “Rewashing of the Tap”

                                                image of taps के लिए इमेज परिणाम

This is a simple procedure:

 – Turn off the water supply to the tap

_ Turn the tap on fully, to make sure the water is turned off &to allow space for the work to be done and also to lift the dome.

_ unscrew the nut by griping it at point A and remove from tap, if the washer plate is fixed to the spindle it will lift out with it, if not, remove it separately.

-          Unscrew the other nuts if any in new model taps and lift it the done, as high as possible.

-          Remove old washer by knot B and replace it with a new washer.

-          Reassemble the tap and turn on water supply to test that the new washer is working efficiently.

Next comes the Switches in the bathrooms, the risk is high when we touch them with wet hands. So, whenever the switch is broken or had slight cracks, or fuse out, or wiring issues, all these need immediate change without any delay so as to avoid unnecessary consequences. Repair of fuses and wiring of the plugs needs more attention and alert during the process.

                                   image of plugs & switches के लिए इमेज परिणाम

-To change the switch,

 cut off the power supply, remove screws from the corners of the switch board.

- detach the switch from the connected wires, then fix the new switch in the same way to those existing wires inside the board.

_ close the board and fix all the screws on the boards and the new switch is ready to use.

Repair of fuses:

-          Turn off the main switch

-          Find the fuse that has blown, this may be known before hand, if not find it by checking each one of them.

-          Remove broken fuse wire

-          Replace with new fuse wire of the correct size.

-          Before replacing the repaired fuse and before switching on, fix the cause of the old fuse wire melting, check all connections and the leads of the appliance if it caused the fuse to blow.

The wiring of plugs:

-          Remove the over sheath for about 3 cm-5cm, thus leaving 3 coloured wires exposed.

-          If the plus has a bridge, clamp the flex sheath lightly under the card grip.

-           Measure each wire, cut it off at a length which will allow it to go round the terminal. The last portion of the wire only is cleared for insulation.

-          Wind uncovered wire in clock wise direction around the terminal. Orient insert in terminal and tighten screw.

-          Replace the costing of the plug.