Tuesday 13 February 2018



                                 image of help others के लिए इमेज परिणाम

“”Actions speak more than words”” is a universally known wise saying.
Many of our actions can be better and it can fetch others a lot of benefits. If we can put into practice these basic features, the result will be more healthy and happy lives. Let’s focus them…

# please cover your mouth, when you cough, cover your nose when you sneeze.

# Adopt to a practice of using handkerchief, carry your own towels, soap &comb when you plan to stay at someone else’s house.

 # Don’t smoke among others, especially amidst non –smokers &children

# Have your TV volume and stereos at a minimum level,

# Park your vehicle at your allotted place in the apartment.

# Maintain silence and switch off your phone, where &when it is advised or requested.

# Don’t laugh at others and try to avoid the language that’s not known to all, when you are in groups.

# Try to avoid ringing up some one at late hours or at early in the morning, until or unless it’s an emergency

# Never give someone else’s phone number to the third party, without the permission of the owner.  

# Make sure to use polite words like please, sorry, excuse me, and thank you at the appropriate incidences.

# Don’t ever try to know others personal information and never read others letters, mails and diaries.

# Without the owner’s permission, avoid opening their personal belongings like wallets, cup boards and their bags. It’s better to avoid using others beds and pillows, rather use mats to lay down.

Apart from the above practices, try to include these actions and bring more boons &benefits to others. Just check it out, what they are?

Donate blood
Pledge your eyes.
Share happiness
Spread smilesimage of smile के लिए इमेज परिणाम
Respects elders
Care for the environment

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