Wednesday, 26 July 2017


                     image of vijay diwas के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Started in the month of May
Went on night & day.
Lasted for sixty days
Many lost their lads.
Many spared their lives
For our better lives.
They are the dear sons of their mothers
So, they did it for their dear mother.
Many were fathers, husbands &brothers
But all were great sons.
When we are ready for friendship
They were already with warship.
Infiltrators occupied our land
Got defeated in our hand
They were not cared by their land .
Their blood was brave
So they fought bravely
And defeated the cowardly
They regained the “TIGER”
As they were tigers.
They saved their motherland
Though “she” was drenched with blood
They won’t occur it further.
Soldiers became Martyrs
And we became mourners.
Though we are not a part of it
But we should never be apart.
Though we cannot compensate
Let us substantiate.
They have done a great deed
For their brave &courage
They will be remembered for ages.
They are from nook &corners
Not the hands that made us one
But the land has made us one.
Though we never met them face to face
But for one reason they fought face to face
To protect the country men
From the foreign men
As we are all INDIANS!!!
They were in hurry
But never in worry
To serve their country.
Let us pay homage to these men
Who have left their homes for ever.
They have taught a lesson to us
They have shown a path to us

To preach &reach in our lives.

(  Salutes to soldiers on the occasion of VIJAY DIVAS)

                            image of vijay diwas के लिए चित्र परिणाम

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