Monday, 24 July 2017


                                     images of hobbies के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Hobbies are our free time friends irrespective of age, when a friend is away or busy in his own work, then our free time friend will be a good companion. A hobby is an activity under taken for pleasure or relaxation in one’s leisure time. Hobbies are of five different categories.
1.    Indoor 2. Outdoor 3.Collection hobbies 4.Competition hobbies 5. Observation hobbies.

Under each category comes a vast variety of task which one can engage himself in his free time without getting bored.
1.    Indoor hobbies include: Calligraphy, acting, board games, candle-making, cooking, colouring, dance, drama, drawing, embroidery, flower arranging, knitting, magic, listening to music, painting, origami, playing musical instruments, reading, puzzles, scrap booking, sewing, singing, sketching, sudoku, stand- up comedy, writing & yoga.
2.    Out- door hobbies cover: Astronomy, bird-watching, exercise, cycling, gardening, jogging, photography, running, sand-art,& shopping .
3.    Collection hobbies are sub- divided into two sets; Indoor & Out-door. Antiquing, art collecting, books, card, coins, stamps, &stones comes within the range of indoor collection hobbies. Antiquing sea shells, metals, insects &flowers fall under the out-door collection hobbies.
4.    Competition hobbies too are of two sub sections; Indoor & out door activities. Badminton, bridge, chess, debate, gymnastics, martial arts & video games fits into the indoor competition hobbies. Archery, beach volley ball, cricket, football, Frisbee, golfing, skating, squash, swimming & tennis comes under the out-door competition hobbies.
5.    Observation hobbies are also in the two sub- sets; Indoor &out door forms. Fish-keeping & reading in the indoor observation hobbies were as travelling, meteorology &astrology in the out-door observation hobbies.

This list of hobbies will help to identify the interest & cultivate it or make sure to enrich the existing one. Encourage children to pick any one of these and permit them to pursue it. Hobbies help to grow well physically &intellectually. Hobbies stand by us through -out our life. So, choose your hobby soon.

                                                          images of hobbies के लिए चित्र परिणाम                                      images of hobbies के लिए चित्र परिणाम                                                                               


  1. Hobbies are not only free-time friends, but they can also become one's profession. That's what happened in my case :)

    1. that's great, you turned your hobby as a profession. lucky one!