Monday, 10 July 2017

10 Blogging Tips for New bloggers

# write clearly and confidently your own ideas, submit blog post in a regular frequency.
# Read as many blogs as possible. Get to know what’s going on in the blogging world.
# Join the blogging community by registering your blog with some associations.
# Try to participate in the events organised by the blogging community which will enable you to know many bloggers
#Acknowledge the comments you receive for your blog post & your comments on other blog post should be polite & relevant
# Don’t expect many followers & high ranks for your blog. It takes time. Content is the key and focus on it widely.
# Take time to indulge yourself in the workshops or blogging challenges which will fetch you a good learning experience.
#Many blogging associations are providing PROMPTS OR MUSE OF THE MONTH to encourage bloggers. pay attention to it.
#Never write any information about which you are not sure. Like- wise don’t participate in any contest which is not in your area of interest.
# Multiple languages in the blog should be well organised under different lables

  (FBA is conducting 15 days free blogging challenge

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