Monday, 8 May 2017

Fruit Beverages

images of fruit beverages के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Summer - the hottest of all the seasons, in turn heavy sweat & heavy thirst. To quench our thirst we search for ready mix drinks. Rasna, tang & many other drinks are available in the market. Fruit juices can also be preserved for longer time & can be utilised whenever required. Fruit juices are preserved in different forms such as pure juices, squashes, cordials, fermented juices Etc. Let’s know more about them:
Unfermented juice or pure juice: This is the natural juice pressed out from the fruit, and remains partially unaltered in its composition during preparation & preservation.
Fruit juice beverage: This is a fruit juice which is considerably altered in its composition before consumption. It may be diluted before it is served as a drink.
Fermented fruit beverage: This is a fruit juice that has undergone alcoholic fermentation by yeast. The product contains varying amount of alcohol. Eg; grape wines, apple cider, berry wines etc.
Fruit juice squash: This consists essentially of strained juice containing moderate quantities of fruit pulp to which cane sugar is added for sweetness.  Eg: mango squash, lemon squash, orange squash etc.
Fruit juice cordial: This is a sparkling clear sweetened fruit juice from which all the pulp & suspended material have been completely eliminated. Eg: lime juice cordial.
Sherbet or Syrup: This is a clear sugar syrup which has been artificially flavoured. Eg: sherbet of sandal. Santra, almond rose, ksus ksus, sarasaparilla, kawra or kewra etc.
Fruit juice concentrate: This is a fruit juice which has been concentrated by the removal of water either by heating or freezing. Carbonated beverages & other products are made by this.
Fruit juice powder: This is fruit juice which is converted into free flowing hygroscopic powder to which natural fruit flavour in powder form is incorporated to compensate for any loss of flavour in concentration, dehydration etc. Freeze dried fruit juice powder, form the last word among sophisticated fruit juice products. They are reconstituted readily to yield full strength as full fruit juice drink.

Enjoy the summer with any of these beverages with or without ice.

                                      images of fruit beverages के लिए चित्र परिणाम


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