Monday, 16 January 2017


     Generally many believe that when the first sip is fine then the day is fine. Let it be either tea or coffee, south Indians mostly prefer coffee and whereas north Indians prefer tea, the major reason being geographical point, cultivation of coffee is more suitable in the southern parts of India, likewise the northern region is apt for producing tea. Coffee seeds are many in variety as same as the tea leaves.
Everybody will appreciate a good cup of coffee, but that depends upon many things besides the actual making. Good coffee should be clear and fine of flavour. There are many ways of preparing coffee- the hot drink, but filtration method can be considered as the best. 
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 Sparkling fresh water should always be used. Be sure that your coffee is ground exactly as fine as you need it. Be accurate in measuring dry coffee & water. Water must be boiled fresh.
Fresh grinding is the key for good coffee. Use 8 level tablespoons of coffee for each quart of water, more if a stronger coffee is required. Keep the coffee in a tight fit container because the coffee loses its flavour if exposed to the air. Cups should be hot when you serve coffee. Remember that coffee must never be reheated and that boiled coffee is spoiled. Serve coffee as soon as possible after it has been made & Relish it…
      Kadak chaai! Garam chaai aur pakode yaa samose, all are mouth-watering! Tea with an evening snack is the best buy of the day, tea while preparing for the exams, or the occasions be anything,

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 To make a best bet of a tea, never make tea in a metal tea pot & never boil tea. Heat the tea pot with fresh hot water before putting in the tea, make sure the water is boiling at the gallop before it is poured over the tea. Use one teaspoon for each cup and an additional spoonful for 6 to 8 cups. Never use tea leaves twice. Never serve hot or boiled milk because it spoils the flavour of tea.  Serve fresh cream, fresh milk, or sliced lemon and sugar for tea.

Have a cup of comfort and enjoy your tea.


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