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गांधी जी का मन पसन्द गीत

                                                   image of gandhi ji के लिए चित्र परिणाम

gaNxI jI, bapu, raò+ipta, mhaTma  Aaid namae< se duinya _ar me< àisÏ VyiKt,
hmare SvtNÇta s<¢am ke  neta AaEr Aih<sa vad kae Swaipt krne vale, sTy, xmR AaEr ram nam me< pU[R ivñas krne vale AaEr inraim; kae àaeTsaiht krne vale, @ese bhut se gu[ae< se _arpUr mhan hE< maehn das krm c~d gaNxI.
%n ke AaTmkwa sTy ke àyaeg me< inbRl ke bl ram namk AXyay me< sUrdas ke Stuit kae nama<ikt krke _agvan ke àit _aiKt AaEr pUja ke )l ka pU[R ivvr[ krte hE<, #s se %n kae gIt AaEr _ajn ke àit àem kI pir_aa;a  HlktI hE, %n ka mn ps<d gIt hE vE:[vjn tae ijs kae %Nhae< ne gujratI se A<¢ejI me< Anuvad ikya wa AaEr gaNxI jI kI vjh se yh gIt laekiày huAa wa, nIce #s gIt kI p'!iKtya< payI ja sktI hE. 
vE:[vjn tae
vE:[vjn tae tene kih@ je, pIf pra$ jane re,
prdu>oe %pkar kre taeye, mn Ai_amann Aa[e re. 1 . vE:[vjn.
skl laekma< shune v<de, in<da n kre kenI re,
vac kaD mn iníl raoe, xn xn jnnI tenI re. 2 . vE:[vjn  .
sm†iò ne t&:[a TyagI, pr SÇI jene mat  re,
jIþa wkI AsTy n baele, pr xn nv Hale haw re. 3 . vE:[vjn  .
maeh maya Vyape nih< jene, †F vEraGy jena mnma< re,
ram nam  zu< ta¦I re lagI, skl tIrw tena tnma< re. 4 . vE:[vjn  .
v[ lae_aI ne kpq riht De, kam ³aex invayR re,
_a[e nrsEyae tenu< drzn krta<, ku¦ @kaeter tayaR re. 5. vE:[vjn  .

%Nka AaEr @k mnps<d gIt hE  r"upit ra"v rajaram,
r"upit ra"v rajaram  pitt pavn sIta ram
sIta ram sIta ram  _aj Pyare tU sIta ram
r"upit ra"v rajaram pitt pavn sIta ram.
$ñr A‘ah tere nam  sb kae sNmit de _agvan
r"upit ra"v rajaram pitt pavn sIta ram.
ram ram jy raja ram ram ram jy sIta ram
ram ram jy raja ram ram ram jy sIta ram

Monday, 23 January 2017


     Repeating words from a book or speech is called a Quote. They always convey a message, an experience or an universal truth. Lectures by experts and speeches of famous personality carry a lot of quotes. Quotes enhance the quality of the message delivered.It grabs the attention of the audience during presentations.

       Humour is the stress buster and the ability to see three sides of the same coin. It can help to emphasize a point, to dispel the gloom, to ridicule the self- important, to lighten the atmosphere or simply to gladden the heart and tickle the funny bone. To be witty yourself, the best thing to do is to be able to quote another's wit. High level of intellectual information can be presented in the humorous way  so as to catch the attention of the readers.
.WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S- Humorous quotes::::::::
 {(1564-1616) English poet and Dramatist}

1.He draweth out the thread of his verbosity finer than the staple of his argument.😃

2.There was never yet philosopher that could endure the toothache patiently.😋😆

3.Vanity keeps persons in favour with themselves who are out of favour with all others.😁

WINSTON CHURCHILL"S- Humorous quotes::::::::::::
{[1874-1965]} a Writer, British statesman, Prime minister of U.K. from 1940-1945 &1951-1955.

1.Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing has happened👨

2. It  is certainly more agreeable to have power to give than to receive.😀

3.I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals😺😊.

These humorous quotes of Shakespeare and Churchill  will add a sparkle to your conversation, or will freshen up to start your day, or enjoy a silent inspiration or a good night relaxing read which works like a feel good hormone.
      images of laugh के लिए चित्र परिणाम                                       images of laugh के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Saturday, 21 January 2017


                                       images of new year resolutions के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Every New year begins with a lot of hope, aspirations and excitement, in between there exists a tiny bud named “Resolution”,  a plan, wish list, trying to be perfect, the names can vary, but the goal is the same, the idea is to follow the list of things in the resolution and make oneself better than before by avoiding the same mistakes, taking up new challenges, coming out of the comfort zone, developing a new thought process Etc. In my New Year resolution I have “selected seven for seventeen” simple yet more beneficial concepts to follow.
1. Eat well and sleep well: Anger and hunger are hindrance to progress. Never skip breakfast.
2. Support a good cause: It is good for you as well as for the society.
3. Update technically: It is highly useful in emergencies and opens up new arenas.
4. Learn thoroughly: car driving and French language.
5. Don’t panic: get rid of fear first and don’t panic when phone rings at the odd times, take the phone, understand the situation and extend the best possible help whenever someone is in danger.
6. Prayers heal: offer prayer to God every day.
Faith can create miracles.

7. Never compare: Everyone is special. Count your blessings and be happy with what you have.

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Monday, 16 January 2017


     Generally many believe that when the first sip is fine then the day is fine. Let it be either tea or coffee, south Indians mostly prefer coffee and whereas north Indians prefer tea, the major reason being geographical point, cultivation of coffee is more suitable in the southern parts of India, likewise the northern region is apt for producing tea. Coffee seeds are many in variety as same as the tea leaves.
Everybody will appreciate a good cup of coffee, but that depends upon many things besides the actual making. Good coffee should be clear and fine of flavour. There are many ways of preparing coffee- the hot drink, but filtration method can be considered as the best. 
                                        Image result for images of Indian filter coffee 

 Sparkling fresh water should always be used. Be sure that your coffee is ground exactly as fine as you need it. Be accurate in measuring dry coffee & water. Water must be boiled fresh.
Fresh grinding is the key for good coffee. Use 8 level tablespoons of coffee for each quart of water, more if a stronger coffee is required. Keep the coffee in a tight fit container because the coffee loses its flavour if exposed to the air. Cups should be hot when you serve coffee. Remember that coffee must never be reheated and that boiled coffee is spoiled. Serve coffee as soon as possible after it has been made & Relish it…
      Kadak chaai! Garam chaai aur pakode yaa samose, all are mouth-watering! Tea with an evening snack is the best buy of the day, tea while preparing for the exams, or the occasions be anything,

                                            images of north indian tea के लिए चित्र परिणाम

 To make a best bet of a tea, never make tea in a metal tea pot & never boil tea. Heat the tea pot with fresh hot water before putting in the tea, make sure the water is boiling at the gallop before it is poured over the tea. Use one teaspoon for each cup and an additional spoonful for 6 to 8 cups. Never use tea leaves twice. Never serve hot or boiled milk because it spoils the flavour of tea.  Serve fresh cream, fresh milk, or sliced lemon and sugar for tea.

Have a cup of comfort and enjoy your tea.


Sunday, 15 January 2017


                                                                      Image result for images of thiruvalluvar statue
     #nka jNm timLnafu ke mÔas ngr ke mElapur me< huAa AaEr vhI pr %Nhaene pirvar siht jIvn ibtaya wa, %nkI @k maÇ rcna hE itéKkurl!, %nke ¢Nw ke Aaxar pr yh btaya ja skta hE ik ve @k AadzRvadI dazRink rajnIitk AaEr %Äm kaeiq ke s<t _aI we.
     itéKkurl me< 1330 D<d hE AaEr ve 133 Aixkar me< bqe hu@ hE.
mnu:y jIvn ke ATyavZyk pué;awR hE< - xmR AwR AaEr kam - %nke bar me< ivStar se ivvr[ ke bgEr - ve D<dae< ke êp me< Spò krte hE,  #n tInae< pué;awR kae itév‘uvr ke magR me< clne se caEta pué;awR - mae] Apne Aap àaPt hae jayega.
timl _aa;a ka ye @k mha kaVy manajata hE,  itév‘uvr idvs kae timl mihna tE ke iÖtIy idn mnaya jata hE, A<ग्रेजी तारीख  15-०१-  .
itév‘uvr kae timlnafu me< hr jga me< paya jata hE, ceNn$ me< v‘uvr-kae”m @k jgh yha< #n ke sare D<dae< kae pTwrae< me< muiÔt ikya gya  hE.
timlnafu ke bsae< me< itév‘uvr ke icÇ ke saw %n ka @k D<d hr @k bs me< iloa haega, kNyakumrI kI smuÔ tq me< itév‘uvr ka @k bfI izlamUitR pyRqkae< kae Aaki;Rt krne ke il@ Swaipt ikya gaya wa, %Är _aart ke hirÖar me< _aI itév‘uvr ka ibMb dzRn ke il@ hEE.
itév‘uvr ka m<idr is)R mElapur ceNn$ ke @k àa<t me<  hE, #s àkar timlnafu AaEr itév‘uvr ka gehra s<bNx hE.
                      Image result for images of thiruvalluvar statue

Monday, 9 January 2017


                                             images of teddy bear के लिए चित्र परिणाम
images of teddy bear के लिए चित्र परिणामimages of teddy bear के लिए चित्र परिणामimages of teddy bear के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Stuffy little teddy bear                                                 
Cute & cuddly teddy bear                                                                    

Big & small teddy bear; Red & white teddy bear
Fair & dark teddy bear; light & height teddy bear

Teddy bear in my bag; teddy bear in my books
Teddy bear in my cot; teddy bear in my frock

Carry teddy bear to park; carry teddy bear to shop
Love &kiss teddy bear, play & dance with teddy bear

Fairy tales of teddy bear; cartoons of teddy bear
Drawings of teddy bear; games of teddy bear

Teddy bear, teddy bear; take her everywhere.

Monday, 2 January 2017


                 Image result for IMAge of mark twain

 Samuel Langhorne Clemens otherwise Mark Twain was born in Florida, Missouri in 1835. As a story teller, he has greater variety and a steadier outlook on life; with greater force and intensity at his best if less poignancy. His nom-de- plume came to him while as a pilot he was working on the Mississippi, and he would often hear the cry of warning   “Mark Twain” or “In two Fathom.” Thus he seized on the name and used it   for his work.
One among the many great works of Mark Twain is “A Tramp Aboard” {dealing with European places, especially Switzerland} Travel experiences are drawn freely. ”The stolen white Elephant & Blue Jays” are part of this great deal.
 In Blue Jays Jim Baker is a Birdwatcher & he observes that after long and careful observation he had come to the conclusion that the Blue Jays were the best talkers he had found among birds and beasts. And another thing, I’ve noticed a good deal, and there’s no bird, or cow, or anything that uses as good grammar as a blue jay………….. .Now I’ve never heard a jay use bad grammar but very seldom; and when they do, they are as ashamed as a human; they shut right down and leave.” When I first begun to understand jay language correctly, there was a little incident happened here, .seven years ago the last man in this region but me moved away. There stands his house been empty ever since: a log house with a plank roof-just one big room and no more: no ceiling- nothing between the rafters and the floor.

                                                      Image result for image of blue jay bird

Suddenly a blue jay lit on that house, with an acorn in his mouth, and says,” Hello, I reckon I’ve struck something, “When he spoke, the acorn dropped out of his mouth and rolled down the roof, of course, but he didn’t care; his mind was all on the thing he had struck. It was a knot hole in the roof.
The story moves around the jay fetching many & more acorns to fill the hole. His energy, his determination & his hurry brings many of his companions to join this race. Many blue jays set around the hole; expressing their opinions, and examined the hole clearly. Finally one old jay happened to go and light on it and look in. of course, that knocked the mystery galley-west in a second. There lay the acorns, scattered all over the floor. He flopped his wings and raised a whoop. “come here, everybody; hanged if this fool hasn’t been trying to fill up a house with acorns!”
Mark Twain was quite successful in writing about blue jays and manages to set us chuckling about the human family. “ They all came a swooping down like a blue cloud, and as each fellow lit on the door and took a glance, the whole absurdity of the contract that the first jay had tackled hit him home, and he fell over backward suffocating with laughter, and the next jay took his place and done the same.
                                                Image result for image of white elephant

IN the story ‘THE STOLEN WHITE ELEPHANT” – A Indian civil service personnel was given the responsibility of handing over the gift to her majesty queen of Britain.“ A ship was fitted out for me and my servants and the officers and attendants of the Elephant, and in due time I arrived in New York harbour and placed my royal charge in admirable quarters in Jersey City. It was necessary to remain awhile in order to recruit the animal’s health before resuming the voyage. All went well during a fortnight then my calamities began. The white Elephant was stolen!
Mark Twain’s description of Elephant is so natural & extravagant. The conversion between the Elephant in charge & Inspector Blunt to register a complaint against the stolen elephant is the colourful language of a master story teller.
“Name of the Elephant  ?
”Hassan Ben Ali Ben  selim Abdallah mohammed moise Alhammal jamset je jeebhoy Dhuleep sultan ebu Bhudpoor.”
“ very well’ given name?”
“ very well. Place of birth?”
“ The capital city of siam.”
“parents  living?”
 No, - dead.’
 Had they any other issue besides this one?”
“None. He was an only child.”
“Very well.”
General quantity at a meal,- say about-“well, anywhere from a quarter to half a ton.”
“And he drinks-“
“Everything  that is fluid. Milk, water, whiskey, molasses, castor oil, camphene, carbolic acid………..
“Very  good.  As to quantity ?”
“Put it down five to fifteen barrels, - his thirst varies; his other appetites do not.”
“These things are un usual. They ought to furnish quite good clues toward tracing him.”
Detailing Detectives, information forwarded by telegraph, portraying of Blunt, Role of Newspapers, Glaring headlines, increasing the reward amount, all these particulars enhance the savour of the readers, in turn they engage more intensely.

The duo, Blue & White of Mark Twain are remarkable. His works carry honesty and popularity. Reading about Blue jays and white Elephant throws light on the animals that’s close to humans

Sunday, 1 January 2017



The year 2016 was a year of Learning & Gaining. Normally every new year the Newspapers carry a supplement  of  National and World Events  that occurred in the year passed by, like that even I used to  jot down points of + & - {plus & minus}  that occurred in our lives { me & my family}. This was my first attempt of putting it in to words.
Regarding 2016, Learning is :  Dare to win: Launching my Blog, Connecting with Blog adda, Initially it was not easy for me to do the registration formalities, without hesitation took the help from the tech support blog adda. So, I am here to be a part of this WOW.
Completed an on line course in English for Journalism   from The University of Pennsylvania.
Joined the pinterest platform of word weavers India   and participated in many poetry competitions, but didn’t get any prize. Took all these as a learning process and gained the energy to Try,   Try , Try again till  I  succeed. Wrote an article on saint  Ramanuja commemorating his 1000th birth anniversary. Composed a poem as tribute to MS SUBBULAKSHMI on her 100th birth anniversary {poem titled MS ; Musical Soul}
Another occasion to learn & gain came in the form of a Book launch & It is also the 90 th birthday of K.Parasaran, a legendary jurist not only known for his phenomenal professional acumen across various legal disciplines but also for his scholastic knowledge in Sanskrit and his strong belief in Indian ethos, values & culture.  Book- LAW & DHARMA- A Tribute to the Pitamaha of The Indian Bar K. Parasaran, a sastra University Publication.
Follow your Passion & age is not a bar is a point not just to know but to realise it in the true sense, will work wonders.
One more Learning & Gaining came as in the form of saying: Never lose Hope & Patience pays Dividends. Meeting my friend after 15 long years is a joy that can’t be expressed in words. We are in touch through phone from the last 6 years.  One more incident as a result of hope &patience is: my brother came home for Rakhi. Thank you2016.
Faery song   -    by   John Keats
Shed no tear!  O   shed no tear!
The Flower will bloom another year.
Weep no more! O Weep no more!
Young buds sleep in the root’s white core.
Dry your eyes!   O dry   your eyes!
For I taught in paradise
To ease my breast of melodies,
Shed no tear.
Overhead! Look overhead !
“Mong the blossoms white and red,-
Look up, look up! I flutter now
On this fresh pomegranate bough
See me!  “Tis this slivery bill
Ever cures the good man’s ill,
Shed no tear!  O, Shed no tear!
The flower will bloom another year.
Adieu, adieu- I-fly-adieu!
Adieu, adieu!
“It shows how and why it is always good to hope for the best.”

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