Monday, 26 September 2016


When I wake up in the morning,
It's all were free from rushing,
everything seems to be missing.

Just a cloudy sky and a rainy dew,
facing each and bending like a bow,
seems twinkles are rested and they are due.

Perfect pleasant wind with the dew,
is a blend of white and blue,
parts and plants are prepared to flew,
eager to touch the sky and the dew.

Hurrying to be a part of the show.
The God of the light and stars,
huge and orange raising up slow.

   The mix of trio is a beauty to view,
    which is the pockets of a few.

   Three and three makes six
   but all they make is one more
   Its the time of VIBGYOR.

  Fortunate eyes witness this prize
  its really a appreciable sight.
  Nature in a balanced diet.

  It's the time to rise,
  raise and praise the wise

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