Tuesday 28 March 2023


Under the category of Wildlife, I was searching a simple book with interesting and fascinating information on wildlife. With my search on and on I was happened to meet with the book MY HUSBAND AND OTHER ANIMALS BY JANAKI LENIN

The book has received a great critical acclaim   and  it was published almost a decade ago. The foreword was given by Lee Durrell.

There are about ninety small topics that are being discussed in total of 280 pages. The book throws light on diverse issues on wild life. The author talks about comforts &discomforts of creatures, summertime and wildlife idols to name  a few.

The book also carries catchy and familiar titles like THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, EVERYTHING'S IN THE  NAME and A NATIVE CHRISTMAS. Readers can have a bright insight about wildlife by reading this book. A simple yet stunning information on wildlife and people associated with it are put forth in this book.

The author is successful in presenting to readers the vivid picture of birds and animals around us. The book also provides experiences of people with wildlife from around the world. Children can  know  and learn a lot from this book about the wildlife scenario in the world. 

Do read this book and you are sure to develop more curiosity towards wildlife.  


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