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 pongalo pongal ! Pongalo Pongal ! is the chorus which we hear  in all the house holds of  Tamil Nadu on these days of harvest festival. It is the chorus sung by all the family members together when the Pongal over flows . It is a sign that the dish is almost ready and within few minutes it will be served to all.

The secondary meaning of this is that abundance is assured and it is  a prayer to the mother nature to bless us the sufficient amount of crops of cereals and grains. The word "Pongalo Pongal'' means surplus and over flow in Tamil .

The chorus signifies that the festival of harvest is a thanks giving to the Sun God and water God for their support in reaping the best harvest and obtaining food, money and happiness.

On this festival rice, jaggery, ghee,  pulses, dry fruits all are used from the newly harvested crop. The Pongal is offered to the Lord first and then to the elder member of the family .

Mainly Pongal prepared on this day is of two variants - salt and sweet. Every house hold makes special efforts to prepare a best dish with these ingredients.

This festival has a prominence in villages rather than  in towns and cities. Farmers in every village start their arrangements for this festival months before the event.

Their co workers , cows, bulls, and their ploughing equipment are  decorated and made to part of the festival process and thanks is offered to these also.

This way Pongal festival is more than just preparing and serving pongal.

Every one prays for PONGALO PONGAL!  to be in their lives and in  every way  .

Be blessed and Thank the MOTHER NATURE for her abundant grace on planet Earth.

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